After months of writing, editing, researching, and even doubting this whole process, when I finally saw the cover of my first book I was overjoyed. When I held the actual book in my hands for the first time, it was surreal. The first book in my Meet McKenzie Mason series was complete. Based on a mixture of my niece’s experiences and some of my own, the book is entitled McKenzie’s New School Blues. It’s a story of facing challenges and finding your new normal that almost any child (or even adult) can relate to.


My first viewing of the book nearly pales in comparison to my niece’s reaction. “She looks just like me!” she squealed with excitement. It brought everything full circle. The whole reason I even started writing again was because of her and for her. Along the way it turned into also writing for other little girls just like her. Although the character isn’t directly based on each of them, McKenzie Mason represents all of them. My hope is for other little black girls to see the cover and also think, “She looks like me.”

Now that I had a finished product, it was time to launch this thing!

More details coming soon!